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Toilet Cleaner with Active Oxygen

Toilet Cleaner with Active Oxygen

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Stained toilet, stinking bathroom, yellow stain on toilet bowls? 

Many problems one solution is Toilet Active Oxygen Cleaner Agent.

  • EASY TO USE : You just need to pour an appropriate amount of active oxygen toilet cleaner into the toilet, and the product will produce foam and clean by itself. After about 2-3 hours, you just need to rinse off the foam with water.
  • SAFE FORMULA : After cleaning, toilet oxygen cleaner will not damage the paint surface of the toilet, and will form a protective film on the surface of your toilet while cleaning. Put it in hot water for better effect.
  • CLEAN EVERY Corner: When the toilet bowl cleaner is in use, the foam will enter every crevice of the toilet, and the deep cleaning can be easily completed. Toilet oxygen cleaner powder
  • SCOPE OF USE : oxygen toilet bubbles powder is widely used in toilets, squatting pans, urinals, sewage pipes, washbasins, tile walls, etc. It is suitable for use in toilets at home and in shopping malls.

Where can we use this product?

 How to use Toilet Active Oxygen Cleaner Agent?

Country of origin- China

Weight- 250gm

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Frequently Asked questions!

Yes it is best suited to this product.

I have moved to an old house with dirty toilet, can I use this product?

I am about to travel in train, Can I use this product before using toilet?

Yes you can use this product.

It is there foul smell using this product?

There is no foul smell but it is advisable to wear mask using this product.

Do you offer discount for COD?

Unfortunately no, but we do offer flat 100 off on UPI payments

Is there any charge for shipping?

Free shipping over Rs 699.