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Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

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Is your Washing Machine dirtier than your Toilet?

According to a report, our washing machine is the second most polluted part of our home(only next to the Toilet).

Due to non-maintenance, there is a layer of clothes' lint, dirt, and hard water scale deposit on the Washing Machine Drum which causes a Bad smell

This is how your washing machine looks from the inside! 💩💩

But Don't worry we have made in-India DaddyClean® Washing machine Tablets.

         Daddyclean® tablets Vs Cleaner Powder 

🛑Stop buying Cheap Tablets

DaddyClean® Washing Machine tablets can be used for

  • Front Load Washing Machine
  • Top Load Washing Machine
  • Semi-automatic Washing machine
  • Automatic washing Machine
  • Any brand Washing Machine

Why our made-in-India tablets?

How to use washing machine Tablets?

  1% of your order value goes to Our Jawan's family

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Frequently Asked questions!

Can I use DaddyClean™ Washing machine for my semi-automatic washing machine?

Yes we can Use DaddyClean™ Washing machine for front load/top load or automatic/semi-automatic washing machine.

Why do my washing machine stink/smell bad?

Your washing machine smells bad due to deposit of dirt,grime and lint on the back of your washing machine's drum.

I am getting cheaper tablets, why buy from you?

DaddyClean™ Washing machine uses premium quality effervescent formula which 100% made is India and which cleans your washing machine without harming it unlike cheap Chineese Tablets which contains salts.

I do not see a tub clean/drum clean option on my washing machine, how to use this tablets then?

All the major brands washing machine has tub clean/drum clean sometimes it is using 2 buttons pressed at once(For exp:LG front load),you can alternatively use longest cycle(mostly for washing blanket) using tablets in the drum without any cloths.

How can I get extra ₹100 and free shipping?

When you order above ₹799, use Razorpay page to apply coupons based on payment mode(credit,debit,UPI,Netbanking,paylater). You would get Free Shipping for orders above ₹599.