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Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

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Is your Washing Machine dirtier than your Toilet?

According to a report, our washing machine is the second most polluted part of our home(only next to the Toilet).

Due to non-maintenance, there is a layer of clothes' lint, dirt, and hard water scale deposit on the Washing Machine Drum which causes a Bad smell

This is how your washing machine looks from the inside!

But Don't worry we have made in-India DaddyClean® Washing machine Tablets here!

Works with all kinds of Washing Machine(Front Load or Top Load or Semi-automatic/Automatic)


How to use DaddyClean® Washing machine Tablets?

Step 1:Put 2 Daddyclean Tablets in the Washing machine Drum(For First Use)

Step 2: Press the Tub-Clean button on Washing Machine & let it run one complete cycle.

Step 3. Wipe clean the drum and rubber gasket with a cotton cloth & enjoy a clean washing machine with Lavender Fragrance.


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