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Daddyclean Transparent Waterproof Glue 300g with Free Brush

Daddyclean Transparent Waterproof Glue 300g with Free Brush

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Daddyclean Transparent Waterproof Glue with Brush for Broken Tiles, Sheet Joints & Bolt Holes, Gutter Joints, Roof And Wall Cracks

Why DaddyClean Waterproof glue?

  • TRANSPARENT PROTECTIVE COATING: DaddyClean Waterproof glue has a strong adhesion and sealing effect.
  • No yellowing: This adhesive becomes transparent after use and will not turn yellow over time.
  • WATERPROOF: Made of a non-toxic and innovative formula that can penetrate joints, cracks, and leaks and seal any cracked surfaces.
  • HEAT, COLD, CRACK, WEAR RESISTANT: Made for Indian Weather conditions DaddyClean waterproof glue is resistant to hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Multipurpose use- It can used for crack seepage, window sill seepage, toilet wash basins or tiles waterproofing, wall seepage, and roof seepage. 

NOW with a Free Brush worth ₹199 (For first 50 Customers only)

How to apply/use?

  1. First, clean the surface to remove any dust and water.
  2. Apply the product directly on the surface. Wait for the product to penetrate the base course.
  3. After a few hours, when there is no liquid on the surface, brush twice or three times to enhance the effect.
  4. The waterproof layer can be formed after curing for 24 hours.

Where to use DaddyClean Waterproof glue?

Each Packet Contains:

300 gm of Waterproof Glue +Free Brush

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Frequently Asked questions!

I have broken sink or wash basin, Can I use this product?

Yes, DaddyClean Waterproof glue can used on broken tiles and wash-basin.

My roof leaks in rainy season can I use this?

Yes Daddyclean waterproof glue is best suited for crack sealant.

Can I use Daddyclean glue to stop ants and cockroaches?

Yes our glue can be used to fill the gaps and thus no ants or any insects.

What is the color of the glue would it turn yellow?

DaddyClean Glue is transparent and never turn yellow.

Once the lid is open, till when I can use it ?

You can use this for product for upto one month once opened.