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DaddyClean™ Stain Remover

DaddyClean™ Stain Remover

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Did you know that stains & germs in your bathroom could cause skin infections?

An easy & effective solution is to use DaddyClean™ Stain Remover which gets rid of unwanted stains in seconds.

DaddyClean™ Hardwater stain remover uses first-of-its-kind gel-based (patent-pending) formulae. 

Safely removes dirt and stains from oxidation and micro-scratches & maintains the beauty

✅ Best for cleaning basins, sinks, faucets, taps, fixtures, bathtubs, and shower glasses

✅ Fast-acting spray. Removes stains in seconds

Easy to use. No scratching or extra scrubbing required

DaddyClean Hardwater stain remover in action

Don't Let this happen to your Bathroom/Kitchen!

DaddyClean Tap Cleaner can be used on any stainless steel tap, shower,wash basin

The calcium and minerals present in water form white patches first and when ignored, they form hard scaled deposits that cannot be removed.

Not only this reduce the life of your fittings, but it also causes skin infections & becomes harmful if not cleaned properly.  

"I've been using their stain remover for almost 3 years now. It's much better compared to other cleaners. Makes my kitchen & bathroom spotless in minutes. Love it!" - Anita

Why Are People Loving DaddyClean™ Stain Remover?

☑️ Completely safe to use

🚫 Kills 99.9% of germs in a matter of seconds

💰 Saves time, effort, and money while keeping your bathroom & kitchen spotless

🙌 Is super affordable

🚚 Comes with FREE Shipping

CAUTION: Do Not Apply On Polished Items. Excessive Scrubbing is to be avoided.

☠️☠️ Keep away from Children and Pets

                                     What makes Daddyclean unique?

How to use Hardwater stain remover spray?

Why DaddyClean® products?

1% of your order value goes to Our Jawan's family

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Frequently Asked questions!

Does the DaddyClean™ Hardwater Stain remover remove the limescale and hard water stains?

Yes DaddyClean™ Hardwater Stain remover cleans using patent-pending gel based cleaning formula.

What do you mean by hardwater stains, I am living in Delhi, does my taps have them too?

95% of Indian homes have hardwater stains, these are nothing but white patches over your steel taps/shower.

Can I use DaddyClean™ tap and shower cleaner for all bathroom/kitchen fittings?

Yes, it can be used for taps, faucets, fixtures, shower glasses.

How do we use DaddyClean™ Hardwater Stain remover?

Spray evenly all over the surface,if needed use hands. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and then wipe it with a cotton cloth. In case of tough stains, leave it for a longer duration and use it repeatedly

How can I get extra ₹100 and free shipping?

When you order above ₹799, use Razorpay page to apply coupons based on payment mode(credit,debit,UPI,Netbanking,paylater). You would get Free Shipping for orders above ₹599.