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DaddyClean Reusable Kitchen Scrub Rolls(50 Pulls)

DaddyClean Reusable Kitchen Scrub Rolls(50 Pulls)

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Still using steel scrubber & hurting your hands?

Try DaddyClean Reusable Kitchen Scrub Rolls.

➡️[Durable Kitchen Scrub Cloth]: These non-abrasive microfiber cleaning wipes instantly absorb water from countertops and tables without leaving lint or streaks. The softness and absorbency of microfiber allow these cleaning cloths to effectively trap and remove dirt, dust, and grime.

➡️[Convenient Roll Format] : Our towel rolls feature perforated seams, allowing you to select the ideal cloth size for various cleaning. With 25 pieces on each roll, it are more accessible and practical than traditional microfiber towels.

➡️[Microfiber Towels Cleaning]: These microfiber kitchen towels are perfect for wiping countertops, polishing surfaces, cleaning appliances, and more. They are thicker than paper towels yet.

➡️[Odorless] : This product will not pick up foul odors or food particles, preventing odors. These dishcloths stay intact without breaking down after a single job, can be used all day long, and effectively remove grease, stains, and contaminants without scratching or damaging utensil surfaces.

➡️[Easy to Use] : Soak the scrubber in coarse water and then use the detergent to create a generous amount of foam to clean your dishes. Our lint-free wipes are thin, allowing you to clean small crevices in pots and pans and cookware. The scrubber can be disposed of as general waste.

You are eating steel particles! 😟😟

Each roll lasts upto 100 times (2-month pack in just one roll)

Where to use DaddyClean Scrubs wipes?

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Frequently Asked questions!

Why should I have to use this scrubbed when I can get sponge in cheaper price?

Kitchen sponges hold more bacteria than any other surface in your home. We use sponges every day to clean our dishes and surfaces, but in reality, they spread bacteria.

How long can I use a reusable paper towel?

You can reuse the same scrubber maximum 50 times.

Can I place the order in COD?

Yes you can place the order in COD.

Aren’t they annoying to use?

Unpaper towels might be annoying to use initially but they are only sustainable if you actually reuse them.If you use reusable paper towels for 66 days, it will become a habit in your daily routine and you will not look for paper towels anymore.

How can I get extra ₹100 and free shipping?

When you order above ₹799, use Razorpay page to apply coupons based on payment mode(credit,debit,UPI,Netbanking,paylater). You would get Free Shipping for orders above ₹599.