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DaddyClean Luggage Wheel Silicone Protector Cover (Pack of 8PCS)

DaddyClean Luggage Wheel Silicone Protector Cover (Pack of 8PCS)

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Are you tired of noisy and damaged luggage wheels while traveling?

Get DaddyClean trolley wheel protection covers! They protect your wheels, reduce noise, and make your trolley easier to maneuver. Plus, they're lightweight and can save you money in the long run.

Why buy DaddyClean Luggage /Trolley wheel covers?

🧳 Compatible with all branded luggage and all sizes 18" to 32" suitcases with double wheels.

🧳 Multipurpose: Can be used with suitcases & different office chairs.

🧳 Noise reduction & Anti-slip Experience -Effectively reduce noise, vibration, and impact when dragging your luggage. Its tire-like texture enhances grip.

🧳 Easy to use additional tools are required for installation.

🧳 PROTECT LUGGAGE WHEELS: Protect suitcase wheels from scratches, scuffs, and damage caused on uneven roads by sharp objects.

Protection: Trolley wheel protection covers can help protect your trolley wheels from damage such as scratches, dents, and chips. This can help extend the life of your trolley and save you money in the long run.

Hygiene: Protective covers can help keep your wheels clean and hygienic, especially during heightened health concerns.

Convenience: Easier to maneuver your trolley, especially over rough or uneven surfaces. 

Easier to find your Bag: This is a fun way to personalize your trolley and make it stand out from the crowd.

Not compatible with all trolley wheels

Easy to use on trolley wheels 

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Frequently Asked questions!

Does it work for all the trolley bags?

No DaddyClean Luggage wheel cover protector is made for trollies with dual wheels.

I have dual wheel office chair, Can I use it for the chair too?

Yes you can.

Does it helps in reducing the noise while dragging?

Yes DaddyClean's Silicon covers are made of high quality silicon which helps to reduce the noise completly.

How many covers are there in one pack?

8 wheel covers are there in one pack

Can I order on COD, is there discount?

Yes we do take order for Cash on Delivery and free shipping is there above Rs 699