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Daddyclean kitchen degreaser

Daddyclean kitchen degreaser

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How does the DaddyClean® Kitchen degreaser work?


✅DaddyClean™ Kitchen degreaser uses first-of-its-kind gel-based (patent-pending) formulae. 

✅Safe to use on gas stoves,micro-oven, fridges, chimneys

✅Oil and stain cutter formulae. Removes tough stains in just 30 secs.

✅Non-acidic, safe on hand.

No photo tricks just the truth 😊😊


DaddyClean Kitchen Cleaner Vs other brands

Where to use DaddyClean Kitchen Degreaser?

DaddyClean® Kitchen degreaser is special, why not?

How to use DaddyClean Kitchen cleaner?

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Frequently Asked questions!

How can I get extra ₹100 and free shipping?

When you order above ₹799, use Razorpay page to apply coupons based on payment mode(credit,debit,UPI,Netbanking,paylater). You would get Free Shipping for orders above ₹599.

Can the DaddyClean™ kitchen degreaser cleans old grease from prestige gas stove?

Yes for sure, DaddyClean™ kitchen degreaser can be used across glass/steel cooktop, tabletops, kitchen counters, windows, mirrors, oven, fridge.

Does this kitchen cleaner works on Chimney cleaning?

Yes you can use DaddyClean™ kitchen degreaser to clean Chimney too.

Last time I used online spray, it damaged my hands skin, how about DaddyClean™ Kitchen cleaner?

DaddyClean™ kitchen degreaser is safe on hand, however depending on your skin senstivity we recommend using DaddyClean™ Heavy duty gloves. You can order from here

Does your product really works as shown in ads?

100% yes, all our products are genuine and all the footage used are unedited ones.