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DaddyClean™ Drain Opener

DaddyClean™ Drain Opener

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DaddyClean Drain Cleaner is high quality and effective Drain Cleaning solution made in India.

Is this your problem?

  • Blocked Drain pipe?
  • Blocked or Chocked kitchen Wash Basin.
  • Slow moving the Bathroom drain

DaddyClean Drain Opener vs. Other Brands

How to use DaddyClean Drain Opener?

Why DaddyClean Drain Opener?

  • Drain Opener is designed for regular use in drains, grease traps, gullies & pipework.
  • It's working on contact to break down clogs and is specifically designed to destroy tough, greasy kitchen clogs and unclog kitchen sinks.
  • Drain Cleaner safely and quickly removes blockages and cures odor problems of all kitchen and waste outlet pipes
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