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Dadddyclean® Wall Stain Remover/Kids Wall-Drawing Removing cream

Dadddyclean® Wall Stain Remover/Kids Wall-Drawing Removing cream

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Annoyed by your kids painting on the wall 😠?

Don't be, just use Dadddyclean® Wall Stains Remover for spotless walls


➡️ Easily removes tough stains -Can easily remove all kinds of wall surfaces, graffiti stains, remove stains, do not damage the wall surface.
➡️Non-toxic -The cream is not harmful to the wall and health. Works well.
➡️ Gap Filler- DaddyClean Wall Stain remover can be used to fill gaps in doors, wash-basins.

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Frequently Asked questions!

How can I get extra ₹100 and free shipping?

We provide free shipping above ₹699, in order to get ₹100 off ,pay using UPI(on order above ₹799)

Can I place the order in COD?

Yes you can place the order in COD. We have free shipping above ₹699

Can I erase dry paint from the wall?

Yes you can erase any colour from the wall like colour pencil or any stain.

Does this product will damage my wall?

No, its a non-toxic product so it will not harm.

I have gaps in my doors and around wash basin, can this product be applied there?

Absolutely, this can be used a gap filler.