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DaddyClean™ Tiles, WashBasin and Ceramic cleaner

DaddyClean™ Tiles, WashBasin and Ceramic cleaner

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Can you guess the most neglected areas of the bathrooms/kitchen?

If your guess is Tiles/Washbasin you are right.

But Don't worry DaddyClean Tiles and Wash Basin Cleaner is here to help.

Where can we use DaddyClean tiles and Wash-Basin cleaner?

How to use DaddyClean Tiles Cleaner?

Why DaddyClean Tiles Cleaner?

  • Tiles cleaner is a rapid cleaner used to remove dirt and stains on tiles, washbasin, bathtubs, and wall surfaces. 
  • This tile cleaner is non-corrosive and it helps to protect the tiles’ surfaces. Unlike other acid and cleaning agents, this will not damage the surfaces if used properly.  
  • It is used for cleaning floor and wall surfaces in the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, and residential and commercial usage.
  • It can be used to clean ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, verified tiles, and sanitary wares. 

For you it is just ₹10, for them it is a full meal, let's spread kindness this Festive season.

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