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DaddyClean® Dishwasher Tablets(Pack of 10 Tablets)

DaddyClean® Dishwasher Tablets(Pack of 10 Tablets)

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DaddyClean® Dishwasher Tablets provide quick, easy, and effective cleaning of your dishes and utensils.

Why use DaddyClean® Dishwasher Tablets?

✅Perfect combination of builders, enzymes, bleach, and surfactants

✅ Dissolves the toughest stains.

✅Water softening and residue-free cleaning 

✅3X Better than detergent powder which dissolves soon without cleaning tea, coffee, or Indian sabji stains.

✅Effervescent tablet concentrated formula ensures longer-lasting results with each tablet

Removes tough stains easily without any hassle

DaddyClean® Dishwasher Tablets

Powder Dishwasher

Liquid Dishwasher

Slow dissolving formula last for 1 hour and strong formula

Dissolves soon, mild cleaning

Dissolves and vanishes in secs

Best Cleaning ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ok Cleaning ⭐⭐

Least Cleaning ⭐

Leaves zero residue

Leave residue

No residue

Removes mild hardwater stain

Not possible

Not possible

Fresh Mint Fragrance(1st Time in India)

DaddyClean Dishwasher Tablet Mint Fragrance-First Time in India

Discover sparkling clean dishes with DaddyClean™ Dishwasher Tablets!

Spotless Clean
Protect from the bacteria
Freshness of sparkling clean utensils

Feel the freshness of sparkling clean utensils after every wash with Daddy Clean  dishwasher tablets. Now Daddy Clean dishwasher tablets have the power of enzymes. Our new formula thoroughly removes the toughest of stains such as tea and coffee, dried on food and grease. Dishes, glassware come out sparkling clean. The Indian style of cooking is a lot different from western countries. Our products are specially made for India. 

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