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DaddyClean® Bathroom All-in-one Combo(Pack of 4)

DaddyClean® Bathroom All-in-one Combo(Pack of 4)

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Why buy DaddyClean® Bathroom Cleaning Combo?

Because it is the Holy Grail of all Cleaning Combos -Drain Opener, Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet, Glass Cleaner, Wash Basin andTiles Cleaner (Pack of 4) all at affordable prices.

What can be cleaned with this combo?

  • Washing Machine (Top/Front Load) -Works for Automatic and Semi-automatic too!

  • Blocked Drain/Pipe of Bathroom and Kitchen

  • Glassdoor, mirror, Windows, Car Windshield.

  • Bathroom Washbasin, Tiles

Save Big upto ₹1500, when you buy DaddyClean Bathroom Cleaning Combo

What is included in this Combo?

  1. DaddyClean® Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets (Pack of 10 Tablets)Approx 300 gm
  2. DaddyClean® Drain Opener -Approx 350gm
  3. DaddyClean® Tiles and Wash Basin Cleaner -250 ml
  4. DaddyClean® Glass Cleaner -500 ml

Country of OriginIndia

One more reason to buy from us!

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Do I have to pay for shipping?

No shipping is free for order above ₹699

Why should I buy a combo?

Combo gives you better saving than single product order.