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DaddyClean® Bathroom All-in-one Combo(Pack of 4)

DaddyClean® Bathroom All-in-one Combo(Pack of 4)

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Why buy DaddyClean® Bathroom Cleaning Combo?

Because it is the Holy Grail of all Cleaning Combos -Drain Opener, Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet, Glass Cleaner, Wash Basin andTiles Cleaner (Pack of 4) all at affordable prices.

What can be cleaned with this combo?

  • Washing Machine (Top/Front Load) -Works for Automatic and Semi-automatic too!

  • Blocked Drain/Pipe of Bathroom and Kitchen

  • Glassdoor, mirror, Windows, Car Windshield.

  • Bathroom Washbasin, Tiles

Save Big upto ₹1500, when you buy DaddyClean Bathroom Cleaning Combo

Keep the machine good
Avoid all harmful chemicals  that damage drains

What is included in this Combo?

  1. DaddyClean® Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets (Pack of 10 Tablets)Approx 300 gm
  2. DaddyClean® Drain Opener -Approx 350gm
  3. DaddyClean® Tiles and Wash Basin Cleaner -250 ml
  4. DaddyClean® Glass Cleaner -500 ml

Country of OriginIndia


For you it is just ₹10, for them it is a full meal, let's spread kindness this Festive season

Proper cleaning is the best form of maintenance for the washing machine and Daddy Clean Washing Tablets give you proper cleaning.

Daddy Clean Washing Tablets   work against all odds to remove residuals and the foul odours in the machine, leaving it rejuvenated whether it is an efficiency-based or quantity-based machine. When applied well to a device with residue or odor-related issues, the cleaners, and tablets solve them and leave the machine spotless.   


 Daddy Clean Drain Opener ensure your drain cleaning has a minimal impact on the environment.

Our cleaner are versatile, effective and  and fast-acting in various applications.

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